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Athlete's Pledge

As an athlete, I can be a role model and inspire others...

About the Athlete's Pledge

Every athlete - at every level - makes an impression on someone. It's easy to see how professional, semi-pro and even college athletes influence youth. They have risen to the top of their sport. They have talent, ability and a desire to perform at a high level every time they play.

But what about our young athletes? There is a near 100% chance your child will not become a professional athlete. But he or she CAN make an impression on other youth AND adults. CLAY Team Sports Ministry has captured the essence of this influence in the CLAY Athlete's Pledge:

The Athlete's Pledge

As an athlete, I can be a role model and inspire others. Therefore, I promise to...

Live with integrity on and off the field of play;

Use my talents and gifts to honor my team, my family and my faith;

Hold myself accountable to a higher standard;

And work to have a positive impact on my community.

Taking the Athlete's Pledge

Every player who participates in CLAY Team Sports Ministry programs accepts the challenge of living up to this pledge. If you are an athlete - at any level, take the pledge today!

Coaches, officials, parents and volunteers should mentor these young players so they continue to be role models, inspire others, live with integrity, honor and accountability, and always work to have a positive impact on their communities.

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