• CLAY Communities

    CLAY sanctions community-based sports leagues across the country.

  • CLAY Communities

    Where the Holy Spirit Shapes the Spirit of Competition.

    Atlanta (GA)

    Gate City of the South

    Austin (TX)

    River City

    Baltimore (MD)

    Monument City

    Baton Rouge (LA)

    Capital City

    Beverly Hills (CA)


    Boca Raton (FL)

    A City for All Seasons

    Chicago (IL)

    The Windy City

    Cleveland (OH)

    America's North Coast

    The Crossroads of Ohio

    Dallas (TX)

    The Big D

    Denver (CO)

    Mile High City

    The Flagship City

    Fort Lauderdale (FL)

    Venice of America

    Fort Worth (TX)

    Where the West Begins

    Henderson (NV)

    Born in America's Defense

    Houston (TX)

    Magnolia City

    Indianapolis (IN)

    Circle City

    Kansas City (MO)

    Heart of America

    La Jolla (CA)

    Jewel City

    Las Vegas (NV)

    Entertainment Capital of the World

    Los Angeles (CA)

    City of Angels

    New York (NY)

    The City

    Miami (FL)

    Magic City

    New Orleans (LA)

    The Big Easy

    Omaha (NE)

    The Big "O"

    Orange County (CA)

    The OC

    Orlando (FL)

    City Beautiful

    Palm Beach (FL)

    The Island

    Palm Springs (CA)

    Golf Capital of the World

    Philadelphia (PA)

    The City of Brotherly Love

    Phoenix (AZ)

    The Valley of the Sun

    San Antonio (TX)

    Mission City

    San Diego (CA)

    America's Finest City

    San Francisco (CA)

    The Golden Gate City

    Sarasota (FL)

    Heaven's Waiting Room

    St. Louis (MO)

    Gateway to the West

    Garden of the Great Spirit

    Ecuador (Int.)

    República del Ecuador

    República de Honduras

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