• 2017 CLAY Basketball Season!

    CLAY Basketball is coming to Marion, Ohio for the 2017 season! Regular season games begin in January with postseason play in March. Let's #PlayCLAY!


    PARENTS: Download the Youth Participation Form and turn it in to your Church Sponsor.

  • CLAY Team Sports Ministry

    "Where the Holy Spirit shapes the spirit of competition."

    CLAY Builds Character

    It's no secret that athletic competition can build character, but it can also destroy character if it is not kept in proper perspective. "Team sports ministry" is goal-oriented and emphasizes self-discipline and individual responsibility. By focusing on the Great Commandment, CLAY emphasizes competing for the glory of God by showing love and respect to everyone, including your competitors. The ultimate goal of all CLAY programs is to get children and youth plugged into local churches where they can continue to grow after the final whistle blows. We have also designed a curriculum system to help connect what happens on game day with what happens on Sunday.

    CLAY Builds Community

    Nothing brings communities together the way sport does. By engaging the world of sport, the local church can break down barriers, create followings and form partnerships that otherwise may not have been possible. Sport, being a universal language, transcends social barriers in a way few things can. Therefore, "team sports ministry" allows local churches to reach their communities in a whole new way. Sport inspires people and invites a following, which makes all athletes role models - no matter their age or even skill level. In addition, a sports ministry program may open the doors to new partnerships with businesses and other community organizations.

    CLAY Builds Faith

    The Gospel was designed to be spread by meeting people where they are. Our faith should lead us to redeem our culture rather than run from it. This is what Jesus did when He became flesh and blood - He met us on our terms. We need to teach our children and youth how to both win and lose without compromising their faith by setting the example. There are amazing parallels between physical discipline and spiritual discipline. If the local church can take on the "flesh and blood" of athletic competition through "team sports ministry," then we will be meeting our youth where they are.

  • It's Time to Play CLAY!

    2017 CLAY Basketball Player Fees

    • Elementary (1-6): $35/Player
    • Junior High (7-9): $40/Player
    • Senior High (10-12): $40/Player

    Note: The FUNdamental Division (grades 1-2) is co-ed; all other divisions (grades 3-4, 5-6, 7-8-9 and 10-11-12) have separate boys and girls teams.

  • CLAY Programs

    CLAY currently sanctions church leagues in basketball, miniature golf & volleyball

    CLAY Basketball League

    CLAY Basketball

    Registration opens in October!

    Preseason: December

    Regular Season: January-February

    Postseason: March

    CLAY Mini Golf League

    CLAY Mini-Golf

    Registration opens in February!

    Preseason: April

    Regular Season: May-June

    Postseason: July

    CLAY Volleyball League

    CLAY Volleyball

    Registration opens in June!

    Preseason: August

    Regular Season: September-October

    Postseason: November

  • Feature: CLAY Team Sports

    CLAY Directors Dustin Craig and Tony Craig interviewed on TV-39 in Marion, Ohio (March 28, 2014).

  • CLAY Resources

    At the heart of CLAY is a culture of competitive play & intentional growth

    Athlete's Pledge

    As an athlete, I can be a role model and inspire others...

    Every athlete - at every level - makes an impression on someone. It's easy to see how professional, semi-pro and even college athletes influence youth. But what about our young athletes? There is a near 100% chance your child will not become a professional athlete. But he or she CAN make an impression on other youth AND adults.


    Click here to read the Athlete's Pledge

    CLAY Code

    Who we are & what we stand for

    The CLAY Code outlines what it means to be the Christian League of Athletics for Youth and defines the Fruit of the Spirit in those terms. All coaches, officials, parents and volunteers must agree to abide by the CLAY Code as a condition of participation.


    Click here to read the CLAY Code

    CLAY Huddles

    Putting your faith into action

    Every CLAY practice and game begins with the teams huddling up and praying together. Weekly themes are action oriented and are based on the same Scripture as that week's Six Thirty Saturday Nite message.


    Click here to read more about CLAY Huddles

    Leadership Roles

    Parents & volunteers leading by example

    CLAY Team Sports offers several volunteer positions that support parents in their efforts to mold the lives of their children. Whether you lean toward the “sport” side of sports ministry, or the “ministry” side of sports ministry, your participation is critical. Together, we can create an environment that surrounds kids with Christian adults on and off the field of play.


    Click here to read more about volunteer roles

    League Forms

    Everything you need to run a CLAY league

    Both online and print forms are provided for youth participation, concussion awareness training, scorekeeping, adult volunteers, etc.


    Click here for print forms

    Click here for online forms

    Insurance, T-Shirts & Trophies!

    Every player & team is covered!

    In addition to everything above, player fees include individual liability insurance, t-shirts, end of season awards and background checks for head coaches.


    Click here to read about our league structure

    Click here to read our specialty rules

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    Read about what makes CLAY the place "where the Holy Spirit shapes the spirit of competition."

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